The Stones and Marbles

Our selection of Sicilian, Italian and foreign marbles and stones
that we routinely process and market.

Our company is located near the mining area of Custonaci, Sicily's first marble pole and Europe's third mining pole.
Our land seems to enclose and guard as in a casket dozens of colored stones, each with its own hue, its own morphology, its own history. Some of these stones, such as libeccio, soft Sicilian jasper and antique yellow, were the undisputed protagonists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, finding varied uses and examples even in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. No less stones such as Billemi gray, perlato and perlatino di Sicilia, rosso sant'Agata, and botticino royal are enjoying great success in modern markets.
These are just a few of the stones and marbles we work to make more precious what nature lovingly offers us.