tuff sandstone

Sicilian Tuff - Sandstone

Stone of excellence in the past, widely used in the facades of the most important palaces and churches.

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Sicilian Tuff represents a uniqueness in beauty and versatility. In the past widely used to make majestic palaces and churches, today it is widely used either in the restoration or refurbishment of those elements of the past that have been lost or degraded by time, or in the modern use of cladding, pathways, and stairways in foreign settings where design meets nature.

Sicilian tuff, also known as sandstone or Favignana tuff, is a sedimentary rock composed of granules the average size of a sand, can be easily and quickly worked, thus enabling the creation of large, low weight (compared to the common weight of marble) sculpted monoliths. Its inherent, variable, porosity gives it a "lived-in" appearance that is highly valued in modern garden paving and cladding of luxurious settings such as resorts, villas and hotels.

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Ugo delle Favare Palace, Palermo

Reconstructed elements in Sicilian tuff from the lost facade