Cappuccino - Cream of Rock

Marble of dolomite origin is prized for its qualities of strength
and compactness, making it the ideal stone for use in the kitchen.
Custonaci Quarries

Cappuccino is a marble that is quarried in Custonaci, Europe's third-largest marble hub and Italy's second-largest, after Carrara. The only quarry, on which Sicilian pearl also insists, rises sheer above the sea overlooking the Gulf of Cornino and Mount Cofano.

As strong as the Dolomites

One of the most spectacular features of cappuccino marble-cream rock, is its mining composition similar to that of the dolomite alps, in Trentino. This characteristic makes it strong, compact and weather resistant and perfect for outdoor and indoor use, especially for the kitchen.

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Cappuccino, or cream rock, is a compact-textured marble of sedimentary origin, beige in color with milky variations ranging from white to dark beige, the coloring of latté and coffee, hence the name cappuccino. Fossils of organic matrix, of marine origin, can often be detected.

Its warm, neutral, beige coloring makes it an excellent marble for modern floorings that are enhanced with large 80×80 cm to 120×120 cm formats, stairs, thresholds and door and window sills. Another satisfactory use is in the kitchen and bathroom both in the making of countertops and worktops and with sinks and washbasins.

Its low cost compared to other marbles makes it a "popular" but uniquely characteristic stone with extraordinary value for money.

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