When marble meets sophistication and exclusivity, it becomes a precious commodity
Stone basin lined with mother of pearl

From our constant research and experimentation comes the idea of combining marble with precious materials, such as gold or mother-of-pearl, in order to offer our most important clients unique objects synthesis of art and luxury.

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The Italian Taste

Using precious metals and stones does not automatically make an object "beautiful," without the right balance you risk creating objects that are lavish but lack the slightest taste.

the idea factory

Constant research and experimentation are the keys to our success. Each new project is a new challenge for us.
Ideas take shape and volume by seeking the right balance between beauty and pomp.

The Great Beauty

We believe that beauty is a delicate balance of contrasts to be dosed wisely.
We are always mindful of this aspect in our realizations and constantly collaborate with our clients to achieve, without surprises, the work that reflects the initial idea.

Monumental chimney

In carved lasa white, with relief inlays.