Nerello of Custonaci

As in a dance, cerulean and golden, voluptuously alternate
almost imitating the separation of land and sea.

The king of the squares

Custonaci n erello is perhaps the most widely used material in western Sicily to decorate public spaces such as squares, pavements, etc. The economic crisis of 2012 was felt by 2 of the 3 quarries that mine Custonaci nerello, thus reducing the availability of the material and increasing its price.


Custonaci's nerello has a dual nature: gray and golden. Often the two colors alternate as in a dance in a completely random manner, sometimes some blocks resemble camouflage. Another unique feature of this material is its ability to change color following the degree of sanding applied to its surface. It goes from gray when raw to dark gray/oil green when polished.

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Ambientaz 41 2
Custonaci lapped nerello siding and flooring
nerello of custonaci christ resurrected
Stylized bas-relief of the resurrected Christ in nerello from Custonaci

In addition to squares, it has seen significant use in cemetery art, with its gray coloring helping to enhance chapels and funerary shrines. In design, too, it has had an edge, succeeding in creating modern and unique color effects.

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