Blue Perlage

A cerulean cloud appeared in a sea of pearl
A blue cloud

Blue perlage is mined in the mountains of Custonaci, it has a cerulean-gray coloration with white and beige intrusions. Often found in several quarry locations where Sicilian pearl is mined, it is a discontinuous material found within true clouds, mountain pockets surrounded by Sicilian pearl. For many years it was crushed because it was considered waste material.

Unique in the world

Its uniqueness along with the difficulties associated with its extraction because of its discontinuity make it a "fickle" material. Today it is there, tomorrow who knows! In the first decade of the new millennium, thanks to good availability, it has become increasingly successful and has been used in a variety of public and private works, being appreciated for its old-fashioned charm as well as for its characteristics of compactness and strength.

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ladder in blue perlage 2

Solid scale in blue Perlage

At present the main quarry is closed and there are only a few small blocks on the market. The cusenzamarmi still has a few blocks in its stockpile from which it mostly makes shims for later processing of kitchen sinks, balconies and stairs.

Basin - trough in Blue perlage

Villa Favorita - Marsala