sicilian roses

Sicilian Rose - Libeccio Rosato

A palette of delicate and sophisticated pink hues weaves through the marble,
creating a ballet of hues that immediately catches the eye.

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MG 2372 DxO

Sicilian Rose, a pink marble quarried in Sicily, is presented with its unique, soft, sinuous veins that wind like branches of an enchanted tree. Shades range from pale, soft pink to the most intense and vibrant pink, creating a stunning contrast that gives this marble a unique depth and dimension.

This pink marble is an ideal choice for decorations and projects that seek a touch of sophistication and femininity. Its timeless beauty and elegant nature make it a valuable material for creating artwork, sculpture, flooring, and even decorative objects.

Pink marble, with its delicate hue and inherent majesty, is a testament to the beauty of nature and human art. It is a stone that fascinates and enchants, leaving an indelible impression in the minds of anyone privileged to contemplate it.

Different textures such as bush-hammering, scratching, bamboo, sandblasting, etc can be done on the Sicilian rose in order to give it additional charm.

bamboo marble pool liner
pink marble fountain sardinia bivioarchi 1030296

Wall fountain in sicilian rose

Porto Rotondo, Sardinia