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The bathroom is an intimate and personal place where we often take refuge to get rid of and purify ourselves from accumulated stress and negativity, we strip off all defenses to renew ourselves in water.
Precisely because of these peculiarities, the rooms and all the objects that make up the bathroom such as washbasins, countertops, bouseries, shower trays, and bathtubs deserve special attention.

Our constant collaboration with well-known architectural firms makes us range in realization style from true design objects such as countertop sinks to more classic spaces with marble bouseries, inlaid floors showers and shaped tubs. Our creative and interpretive capacity places no limits on what is possible to materialize in marble. The use of exclusive and precious marbles such as onyxes, the use of polychrome stones allow us to create exclusive bathrooms.

Our task is to satisfy the most special requests of our clients to the best of our ability by working together to achieve an exclusive object, designed and manufactured in our company with constant feedback from the client who follows, through photos and submitted drawings, all the implementation steps of their idea.