Quarryman's facade shines in Catanzaro

There is a piece of Sicily in the splendid restoration carried out with the restoration of the facade that houses the statue of the quarryman, a sculpture created in the 1950s by Giuseppe Rito and a symbol of the city of Catanzaro. In fact, the firm Cusenzamarmi made, ex-novo, in Perlatino di Sicilia marble all the architectural elements such as cornices, capitals, corbels, etc. of the right, upper part of the facade.

Through the technical drawings provided by the client, all stone elements were thus precisely fabricated.

On March 15, work that has restored Matteotti Square to its former glory will finally be inaugurated. The facade of the monumental Cavatore fountain, after the restoration of the red brick wall and the perlatino di sicilia marble cornice, is now also enhanced by restored lighting that gives a particularly striking nighttime effect. The lighting system at the bottom of the pool has been enhanced so as to enhance the entire niche that houses the giant statue of Rito.

The "Vasarely promenade" is being given special care these days, ranging from the arrangement of the palm tree colonnade and hedges to the cleaning of the polychrome marbles with special detergents. The landscaping work is affecting both the historic garden in front of the Palace of Justice and the former Ovs area that has been named after Mimmo Rotella. And it is precisely in this space that, at the behest of Mayor Sergio Abramo and the president of the Rotella Foundation, Rocco Guglielmo, has been named after the great master of pop art, that the unveiling of the four stelae on which the reproductions of as many of the artist's masterpieces will be installed in the next few days will take place." Already usable by citizens for several weeks is the new small square that stands at the foot of the Cavatore. Dismantled the scaffolding that covered it, the facade of the work-symbol of the City has re-presented itself to the people of Catanzaro in its former glory exactly forty-four years after the collapse of the San Giovanni. The small area created by Prof. Franco Zagari now presents itself as a kind of living room, as well as an ideal spot to indulge in a pleasant break. In this small square there are two other stelae representing two imaginary characters, (Squillace and Sila), "witnesses-observes Prof. Zagari-of the two souls of the landscape, the strongest image of an aerial city suspended between the sea and the mountains."

The decision to create a small square at the base of the Quarryman has been greatly appreciated by all who want to admire and photograph the grandiose work of Giuseppe Rito. The rehabilitation of the former Stac building, which is almost completed, will further enhance the area. The building, declared of artistic interest by decree of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, will be used for cultural purposes and will help increase the attractiveness of an area of inescapable importance for the capital as well as revitalize an historic center weakened and penalized by a deep economic crisis that has affected and continues to affect the entire country.

The opening of the new Matteotti Square is an important moment for our city," Mayor Sergio Abramo stressed. The completely renovated face of the square is concrete evidence of our commitment and efforts aimed at the revitalization of the historic center.