Marble solar clock unveiled at Trapani's "M. Torre" Nautical Institute

On March 11, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. at the nautical institute "M. Torre" in Trapani, in the presence of military authorities and Rear Admiral Nicola De Felice Commander of MariSicilia (Maritime Command Sicily) was held the unveiling ceremony of the verticalsundial with French-style hour lines designed by professors Antonino Margiotta and Gaetano Bruno and made in marble by the firm Cusenza Marmi of Valderice. Concurrently, the 70th anniversary of the reopening of the nautical institute, closed during the fascist period, was commemorated with the unveiling of the marble plaque, also made by the firm Cusenza Marmi of Valderice, dedicated to the memory of Prefect D'Antoni and Headmaster Genovese, who were the proponents of that reopening.

The Solore clock is placed on the exterior wall of the institute at a height of 6-7 meters and is made of perlatino marble from Sicily with a shaped frame of red marble from Sicily. The lines engraved on the stone were faithfully reproduced on the marble slab by means of computerized machinery, which with the skillful knowledge of the cusenzamarmi design team were made in different sizes so as to emphasize the main lines while leaving the others in the background.
The hole itself that houses the gnomon (the rod that allows the shadow to be drawn) was made with very high-precision machinery at two very precise and specific angles (complementary of latitude and declination of the wall) on two different planes so that it could mark solar time as accurately as possible. The clock was then finely hand-decorated with weatherproof enamel paints by carefully choosing colors to give the right chromatic emphasis to the work.