Marble trough basin

The "villa Favorita Resort" in Marsala (TP) has chosen CusenzaMarmi for the realization of a fountain to be placed in the inner courtyard of its resort. The fountain, made of blue perlage stone, is then assembled on site after long days of work, reaching the dimensions of 690 cm in length, 150 cm in width and 55 cm in height.


"Under the hood" of a fountain there are multiple aspects to consider for a job done properly

Artfully designed joints to counter the advance of water, use of special epoxy resins to ensure safety and durability over decades


Fountain that evokes the old Italian watering troughs used to quench animals' thirst. Seven meters wide and made of blue perlage marble, it is installed in an inner courtyard of a private villa.


After completion at this luxury resort, the fountain became a central attraction and in demand as an exclusive location for unique parties and celebrations

Man has an unbreakable bond with water; without water we would not exist. This is perhaps why at the sight of a fountain we are enchanted by the sound and vision of the flowing and gushing of water.