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In 2021, Ultra Asylum, a unique Luxury Space Events was born in Brussels. A treasure chest of refined design, simple and arduous, it leaves visitors in awe as they discover the various areas that are spread out over 650 square meters of pure beauty!

From the visionary ideas of one of Belgium's most famous architects, Renaude De Jeneffe, comes the concept of Ultra Asylum, a space that began as a luxury beauty salon and has evolved into an exclusive and sought-after luxury space events. Temple of beauty, for beauty's sake!
Round shapes running fast across the floor and walls in a continuous succession are of extreme simplicity but at the same time of extreme difficulty in realization.
We at CusenzaMarmi were chosen after several other marble companies told the owner that it was impossible to make, in particular, the 400 cm diameter table, more than 12 meters in circumference, of pure and extreme design!
Impossible challenges fascinate us and after a careful study of the drawings, we hypothesized the best solution, reassured the client, and got the job done!
Along with the table, we are commissioned free standing washbasins, the risto-bar counter, risto-bar side tables, a pair of bassin de pedicure, 3 cylindrical steps, etc.

ultra asylum table mounting 4
Machining stage of a piece of the ultra asylum table
ultra asylum table mount 3 scaled
All table pieces ready for departure to ultra Asylum in Brussels
ton of marble
processing days
days for assembly
Distance km
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ultra table
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@emiliaclarkenation Photo by Emilia Clarke Nation on July 09 202
ULTRA Asylum was also a film set for the movie "The Pod Generation" starring Emilia Clarke, who is also famous for playing the dragon queen in the series "the throne of swords"