The marble inlay

The art of inlay is very ancient and originated in Asia Minor. The first inlays on marble appear to have been made in Halicarnassus in the palace of the Mausolean king in 350 B.C. Later, inlay would develop in Italy under the Roman Empire.

villa-floor-marble-inlay-carpet-ivory (3)

- Waterjet-cut marble inlaid carpet.


The art of marble inlay requires, like perhaps few other artistic techniques, a high degree of manual dexterity especially in the selection of various types of stone, their colors, shades and veining. Excellence is reached in Italy during the 1500s in Florence with the opificio delle pietre dure.

villa-floor-marble-inlay-carpet-ivory (7)

- Segesta ivory marble cladding of a fireplace stove.


In the decor of a home, the fireplace holds a central place; fire draws man into an atavistic memory. Of the four elements, fire is the most destructive, the most painful, the most savage. But when its flames burn in a fireplace, fire is transfigured: it becomes as light as air, as clear as water, as solid as earth, and above all as warm and bright as fire.

villa-floor-marble-inlay-carpet-ivory (2)

- Segesta ivory marble capital.


When furnishing a home, it is important to pay attention to details: it is these that make a commonplace work distinguishable from an exclusive one. Decorative elements such as these marble capitals become the starting point for arches, vaults, and wide spaces.

Our commitment

Nowadays it is easy to find inlays, even of good workmanship, but not valuable because they do not respect the ancient techniques and rules of the commesso di pietre dure of which the Florentines were masters in the 1500s.Our company, on the other hand, even with the help of new technologies, has chosen to follow the ancient Renaissance techniques that certainly require a greater amount of precision and human intervention but that make our inlays valuable and priceless objects. Our inlays are made based on the techniques used by the masters of the Opificio delle pietre dure in Florence in the 1500s.

villa floor marble inlay carpet ivory 6 scaled

- Plinth ivory marble facing of a pillar.

villa floor marble inlay carpet ivory 5 scaled

- Rosette - inlaid marble carpet.

villa floor marble inlay carpet ivory 4 scaled

- Overall view of the marble flooring and decorative elements.

scaled machining moment

- Moment of floor testing in Master Cusenza's workshop.