Liturgical furnishings Church of Our Lady of Fatima

The sacred furnishings of the new church dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, built in 2017 to a design by studio Icaro, are made of polished Segesta ivory marble. The altar, a 6-ton monobloc in marble, is skilfully worked following simple and modern lines and embellished in the centre of each side with sculpted bronze tiles. The ambo, made of two L-shaped monobloc marble elements placed side by side and "held" with stone bandages that seem to intersect each other, shows the tension in the moment of resurrection, testifying to the emptiness of the tomb. The seat and the two seats take up the theme of the panels already seen on the altar. The baptismal font, octagonal in shape, made from a hollowed-out stone monobloc, presents on the outside 4 bands hollowed out and covered with steel with inscriptions of the word of God. Inside, the sides of the octagon converge, on staggered planes, towards the centre, forming a cross visible from above.

marble altar in phase of collation

Marble ambo - finishing phase

Finishing phase of the ambo

marble baptismal font

sacred furniture in marble in the church madonna of fatima

consecration of the madonna of fatima church