He founded CusenzaMarmi, an artisan company for the artistic working of marble, 50 years ago. In 2016 he is among only 75 Italian artisans to be included in the golden book of Italian artisan excellence, receiving the prestigious title of master of art and craft in the presence of the head of state Sergio Mattarella. In 2019 he received the prestigious title of virtuous ambassador of the territory at the Senate.

A life dedicated
to true craftsmanship

He was born in 1945 in the Erice countryside, a small area in western Sicily which for centuries has been a centre of excellence in the extraction and working of marble. It is Sicily, with its past richness and splendour, that is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the works of the master Cusenza, who, ranging from sculptures to furniture, passing through sacred art, is literally thunderstruck by the magnificence and the skilful use of colours of the Sicilian Baroque masters and so, from this interest, the research and rediscovery of ancient techniques and materials that had fallen into disuse was born: he rediscovers the jasper and the ancient yellow of Sicily, the "embodied" stone; he revisits and reworks the Sicilian baroque especially in the use of polychrome inlay inside the churches experimenting also the difficult technique of the relief inlay. Over the years he specializes in the creation of so-called "copies of antiques", ie works performed in the style of the '600, '700, '800, perfecting more and more techniques and secrets of the past.

His open-mindedness led him without delay to embrace the new information technologies, supported by his son, a computer expert, they decided to purchase robotic machinery for the processing of marble, thus expanding the possibilities of the company and at the same time reducing the time of the production phases.

Over the years, however, Master Cusenza realised that his experience risked a sterile end and decided to take on young apprentices to pass on the techniques and secrets of marble working, convinced that the difference lay in the human value of being able to exploit new technologies to perfect his craftsmanship, with modern taste, while maintaining the centrality of the human hand: thus a new figure was born, an evolved craftsman, a fusion between the classic artist and the digital craftsman.

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Beauty is a delicate balance of contrasts to be measured wisely

amiri diwan doha state of qatar cusenzamarmi
Rosario Cusenza, accompanied by the Italian Ambassador in Doha, Guido De Sanctis (right) is welcomed by the head of the Emir's procotol, His Highness Al-Thani, at the Amiri Diwan Palace.
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The master Gaspare Cusenza and his son Rosario with the stylist Domenico Dolce of D&G and the team that makes up CusenzaMarmi
Master Gaspare Cusenza with the architect Campana (right) and Martin Coward (left) husband (Ex) of Elena Ambrosiadou, in 2006 among the richest women in England

It thus becomes part of the restricted circle of artisans able to evolve the concept of "made-to-measure" for an exclusive clientele, enriching it with the constant search for materials, workmanship and unique finishes that characterize the high level of craftsmanship of the excellence of Made in Italy.

He experiments with the combined use of marble and precious materials such as gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, etc., and the contrast of stone with crystal, wood, steel, ceramic, corten, etc. Aware that the use of metals and precious stones does not automatically make an object "beautiful", that without the right balance there is a risk of creating opulent objects that lack even the slightest taste.


Master Gaspare has always thought that beauty is a delicate balance of contrasts to be wisely dosed and in his creations he always pays attention to this aspect, constantly collaborating with his clients to obtain, without surprises, the work that reflects the initial idea.

Among the most successful achievements are finely inlaid floors, crests and royal emblems, bathtubs entirely covered with mother-of-pearl tiles, a series of wall fountains in Sicilian Baroque style, the ex-novo creation of a small private church in Sicilian Baroque style, design objects for the international project "La Casa di Pietra", etc.

Today, CusenzaMarmi is the pride of the made in Italy not as a simple brand but as a way of being, the result of creativity, inventiveness and industriousness of the Italian people.