In... Marble Vases at Orticola 2016

Cusenzamarmi realizes for Francesca Marzotto Caotorta

a collection of Sicilian marble vases among the most beautiful and rare: 15 different stones, all Sicilian from the very rare antique yellow of Sicily, to the antique jasper of Sicily up to the cappuccino and perlatino of Sicily.
icon-cover-2016The collection will be on display from May 6-8, 2016 at booth 160 at the XXI edition of Orticola at the Indro Montanelli public gardens in Milan, an exhibition-market of unusual, rare and antique flowers, plants and fruit. The exhibition, one of the most important and chic in the country, deals with all areas of gardening and landscaping and is also a social occasion for the ladies who visit to wear original floral caps.

Marble InVases,

orticola-2016-invasi-marble-francesca-marzotto-caotortathis is the name of the collection designed and conceived by Francesca Marzotto Caotorta is a journey through Italy and tells us how our country is rich in precious materials that artists and craftsmen have shaped, creating true works of art, as can be seen in museums, churches, palaces and historic gardens. There, where local stones have become steps, statues, fountains, precious containers. Since ancient times, great value has been placed on the many marbles that were formed millions of years ago, while dinosaurs roamed around. Depending on the conformation of the strata, depending on the upheavals and metamorphoses that have occurred in different parts of what would become our peninsula, there are deposits of what we call marble and which, from Val d'Aosta to Sicilymarble, from Veneto to Liguria, represents an extremely precious heritage that comes in the most varied shades of colour: from snow-white to pink, green, mottled yellow and speckled red. Today, people are interested in marble especially when they learn that some of it, instead of being used for works of art or craftsmanship, is pulverized into toothpaste. At Orticola - among the warm colours of the earth in the suggestive and singular exhibition of vases - Francesca Marzotto Caotorta reminds us of a value that should not be overlooked.

I have put together a collection of about thirty Italian marbles that I hope will grow as much as it deserves. Francesca Marzotto Caotorta

Collection of Italian marble vases designed by Francesca Marzotto Caotorta at stand 160
On sale at Ca'Albrizzi,
Corso Venezia 29, 20121 Milan
tel. 02 76004439
e-mail [email protected]

In the May 2016 Gardenia magazine you can find out more about this fantastic collection!

But who is Francesca Marzotto Caotorta? She is considered the Queen of Gardens, and not without reason.

No one in Italy knows nature, plants, flowers and the right combinations to create the ideal park or garden, whether large or small. Not only that. It was her idea, years ago, to found the famous magazine Gardenia, of which she was Director.

He is also a landscape gardener and has written several books on the subject, most recently "All'ombra delle farfalle" (In the shadow of butterflies) for Mondadori; as if that were not enough, he has always played a leading role as a member of the Orticola organizing committee.