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If you're looking for countertop stone sinks, suspended marble sinks, and built-in sinks, you've come to the right place!

Through a wide choice of Sicilian stones, with their different colours, it is possible to transform a small block of solid stone into a bathroom washbasin that, skilfully shaped and excavated according to the chosen shape (rectangular washbasins, oval washbasins, square washbasins, etc.), will embellish and make special your bathroom.
In recent years, countertop stone washbasins have become true design objects, capable of furnishing bathroom environments to great effect.
Our countertop stone washbasins respond perfectly to the aesthetic demands of the moment: in fact, there is a demand for objects in natural materials just like our stones, shaped with simple and clean lines, essential geometric shapes that highlight the raw material, Sicilian stone!

In our online store you can choose bathroom washbasins in the variants for countertop, to be placed on a marble or wooden top, suspended, to be fixed directly to the wall, or built-in to be inserted into a hole on the shelf or furniture of the bathroom.