Sacred Art

Man sublimates in sacred art the magnificence of God

liturgical furnishings and their adaptation in churches, according to the reform of the vatican council II

Architecture and liturgy have always lived in a close relationship of mutual stimulus and help; this relationship has been modified in the course of history as a result of changes in civil society, in culture and in man's way of relating to God. The most impressive and also the most recent of these changes occurred with the issuing of the guidelines for the liturgical adaptation of churches according to the liturgical reform of the work of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) which indicated how to implement the adaptation of the liturgical zones in churches, an adaptation necessary for a better liturgical functionality and the active participation of the faithful in the celebration.


And so it is that thanks to the farsightedness of the late Bishop Amoroso we have, between 1995-1997, the possibility to enrich our "know how" realizing the adaptation of the liturgical places of the cathedral of Trapani on the project of the arch. Rinaudo. Every smallest detail, from the cubic shape of the altar to the number of steps of the baptismal font, has a precise symbolic value. One of the world's leading experts on liturgy, Monsignor Crispino Valenziano, defined in his book "I nuovi luoghi liturgici della Cattedraledi Trapani" (1998) the liturgical adaptation of Trapani Cathedral as the first (for the time) splendid example of liturgical reform of the places of celebration in Italy. The experience gained and the recognition of our professionalism has allowed us to become a point of reference by realizing over the years the liturgical adaptation in various dioceses of Italy, building and integrating in the churches the marble altar, the baptismal font, the paschal candle, the ambo, the ciborium.

We are also specialized in the production of busts and commemorative plaques as well as in the reproduction of the bishop's and cardinal's coats of arms with polychrome marble inlay.